In today’s fast-paced and demanding culture and work environment, prioritizing our mental health is crucial. As an organization, investing in the mental health and wellbeing of your team is not only a compassionate choice, but it can also have a profound impact on your organization’s work culture and success. One powerful way to support your team’s mental health is through group wellness workshops.

I offer psychoeducational wellness workshops to help professional groups, corporations, or agencies improve work culture, repair workplace ruptures, and learn mental health skills that can benefit their team members.

As a mental health professional with extensive experience providing group therapy and workshops, my commitment is to help organizations enhance the mental health and wellbeing of their teams. I aim to equip organizations with the tools and skills necessary to support their team’s mental health, which in turn can improve personal, social, and professional performance and wellbeing, as well as overall job satisfaction and productivity.

My workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging, and cover a range of topics such as stress management, communication skills, emotional intelligence, sleep hygiene, self-care, resilience-building exercises, and mindfulness practices.

Whether you are a small organization or a large corporation, my workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs. I understand that each organization has unique challenges, and I will work with you to create a customized workshop that addresses your specific concerns and goals.

If you are invested in improving your organization’s mental health and wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how my workshops can benefit your team.